Standards and E-learning

Standards and E-learning

The action aims to develop strategies and actions to enhance the performance of educational programs through innovative uses of technology, such as innovative techniques and flexible digital methods to be implemented in CYS  by learning from VDE-DKE. 

The participants will have the opportunity to come into contact with the educational material, methods, ideas, and good practices used by VDE, and expand their network of partners at the national and European levels. 

The topics covered in the action include techniques for harmonization and alignment towards digital transformation in the field of education and communication, and tools and strategies used by the communications and sales department.

National Workshop “E-mentoring and E-learning National Workshop

On March 7th and 8th, 2024, CYS hosted in Nicosia, the second workshop in its series, focusing on the crucial topics of E-mentoring and E-learning. This event was more than a learning opportunity; it was a collaborative platform where experts and participants came together to critically identify gaps in CYS’s current learning and mentoring activities. This assembly marked a significant step forward in developing strategies tailored for the digital era of standardization in the fields of learning and mentoring.

The workshop included enlightening sessions led by DKE experts, Ms. Ute Schmidt, who is responsible for overseeing DKE’s learning strategies, and Mr. Christian Marian, a Project Manager specializing in Electrical, Electronic, and Information Technologies at DKE. 

These sessions offered invaluable expertise and guidance, creating the environment for the discussions needed. Participants actively engaged, pinpointing critical areas needing improvement and proposing innovative approaches for e-learning and e-mentoring within CYS.

A key accomplishment of the workshop was the establishment of a collaborative atmosphere that encouraged all attendees to share their ideas and insights. This environment not only deepened CYS’s understanding of the existing challenges but also helped shape the future of standardization in the realms of learning and mentoring in the digital age.

The ideas and strategies developed over these two days are set to drive significant advancements in how standardization education and mentoring are approached and implemented.



Looking ahead, CYS is dedicated to integrating the feedback and suggestions received into its operational frameworks to better navigate the evolving landscape of digital standardization. CYS is enthusiastic about leading future learning and mentoring initiatives and is eager to continue this journey with its stakeholders.


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